Configurator Releases

All release versions of the configuration tool can be found here, along with the changelogs.

2.2 - 12th March 2021 - Latest


  • Updates to F-Series mode screen for clarity, and Home pages.

  • Added diagnostics printing to the F Series.

  • UHV and HV Pro firmware revisions aligned.

2.1 - 26th February 2021


  • Auto-Timing and Auto-PWM added to the HV Pro and UHV settings

2.0 - 19th February 2021


  • Initial release of Version 2 configurator tool.

  • Support for Beta F Series firmware, including bi-directional DShot.

  • Status flags displayed through log data on HV Pro and UHV.

  • Settings can be saved and retrieved from file for fast duplication of setups.

  • Log data can be natively exported to CSV (HV Pro and UHV).

1.2 - 25th May 2020


  • Legacy config tool upload, will not support V2 firmware.