Overview of the V2 configuration tool for APD ESCs.
As a part of the updates to the APD configuration tool, there have been a number of changes made to improve the performance and experience when using APD's ESCs. The main changes include:
  • Configuration options to F Series devices
    • Beta Release.
    • The F Series ESCs have received a long-awaited update adding configuration. As a part of the V2 update, there are now configuration options opened up for users to modify and further tune in ESCs within their setups.
    • The configuration options are also passed through to users of the passthrough/bi-directional DShot builds.
  • HV Pro logging changes
    • As part of V2 updates, the HV Pro ESCs will store status flags encountered during operation which are displayed as part of the telemetry.
    • Telemetry data can be natively exported in CSV format.
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