Bootloader Releases
Release bootloaders for configuration tool. All can be installed using the APD Flashing Utility.

F Series Bootloader Releases

1.2.0 - 19th May 2022 - Latest


  • Support for Betaflight 4.3 RC7 firmware, specifically passthrough connection.
Bootloader can be downloaded and installed through the APD Flashing Tool

1.1.0 - 13th October 2021


  • Updated communications for Ardupilot passthrough support.
  • Additional signal rejection and quality functionality added.
  • Additional configuration options and settings for F_Series devices.

1.0.0 - 27th January 2021


  • Initial release of version 2 firmware, for Beta uses.
  • Installation via APD Flashing Tool.
  • Configuration options opened up for F_Series devices.
  • Further improvements to bi-directional DShot functionality.