Tips to solving common issues seen with the UHV setup

If running the UHV from a power supply that can not absorb current (when the UHV is regen braking), this can cause damage to the unit or supply if the Synchronous Rectification function is enabled. It can be disabled in the configuration tool, under the Advanced tab.

We recommend using a battery or bidirectional power supply to avoid this issue.

  • The ESC didn't record my logging data

The UHV ESC finishes writing the data packet to the internal storage when the throttle is returned to zero duty cycle. This commonly occurs when the ESC is unexpectedly powered down mid-operation.

  • The log isn't downloaded 100%, gets stuck

This happens when the ESC is shut down before a zero throttle is given as an input. To correct this, simply plug the ESC into a receiver, power it on, and give a throttle input from zero to maximum then back to zero. The last written data packet will allow the logging chart to open as normal.

  • My motor has issues starting/glitching at higher voltages

At higher voltages, especially beyond 20S with a very inductive motor we recommend the use of an input capacitor bank on the ESC power side. This is also necessary if the ESC has long input wiring (>1 Metre).

  • Turning on the ESC causes 6 beeps immediately

There is an error with the signal connection. There is throttle being applied to the ESC above the arming point (above 1020uS) and check that the throttle channel is not reversed. The ESC is disabled for your protection.

  • The motor takes a long time to slow down, even without a propeller

A common cause of this is the Synchronous Rectification option is not enabled (see Other tab within the config tool). This will enable regenerative braking and allow the ESC to ramp down the motor more effectively. Please note that each UHV has regenerative current limits, and can not reduce motor speed beyond the listed currents.

  • Not getting full input range to the motor

This can occur when using PWM input to the ESC, and the end points are misconfigured. Check that the upper end point is at least 1980uS and the lower end point is less than 1020uS.

  • ESC has an intermittent single status beep but is being unresponsive

The ESC is waiting for a valid signal input. Check the end points are correct and that the channels are not reversed.

  • Phase Current isn't displayed on Log Output

Phase current is only graphed above 20% throttle, any lower duty cycles will not show up on the graph due to reading noise. Make sure the duty cycles are run higher.

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