Firmware Installation

Installation of firmware to UHV and HV Pro units.

To install firmware on the HV Pro and UHV units, the APD configuration tool and STM DFUSE utility are required.

STM DFUSE: Download

When using Windows 10, the default drivers can be used once DFUSE is installed (located at Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\Software\DfuSe v3.0.6\Bin\Driver\Win10). In most cases, manual driver installation is not required.

In the event the ESC is placed into DFU mode, and DFUSE is not picking it up, this indicates the driver is incorrect. The current STM driver should be uninstalled, and the DFU driver installed from the location mentioned. The document below outlines the process of replacing the driver.

Older Firmware Upgrades

When using the APD configuration tool, upon connection older firmware versions will return the following pop-up to indicate an update is available:

If this pop-up occurs for a specific ESC, a firmware update is required to use this tool. Click OK and follow the following instructions. If the ESC connects successfully with no pop-up, skip to the next section.

  1. To flash the firmware, open DFUSE (Sometimes called DFuSeDemo), and there will be an STM device in DFU picked up. If no device appears, check the drivers (Windows defaults are recommended).

  2. Under the upgrade section (Button 1), choose the firmware file that was downloaded.

  3. Press Upgrade (Button 2) to begin the install.

  4. Once the ESC has completed the update, disconnect it from the PC and reconnect it.

  5. Connect to the configuration tool (if the tool's port is set to Auto, it will pick up any new COM port that connects while it is running).

  6. Configure as required. Make sure logs are deleted when an update has completed, as newer firmware may contain changes resulting in strange data outputs.

Update Firmware in Config Tool

If the ESC connects to the configuration tool with no pop-ups, this indicates version 2 firmware is installed to the unit. Under the Firmware tab, versions can be selected and installed as required.

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