F Series Configuration Options

This section of the guide outlines the various configurable elements of the F_Series through the configuration tool, along with their default settings.

These configuration options are for units running F_Series firmware 2.3.0 or later.


Loads the configurator tool fields with the recommended settings for the desired drivetrain application. Two mode options exist, Normal mode and Reversible mode.

Default setting is: Normal

Motor Drive Settings

Motor drive specific settings.

Motor Direction

The desired direction in which the motor should operate.

Default setting is: Normal

Motor Start Power

The intensity of the initial voltage applied to the motor when spooling up from stand-still.

Default setting is: Normal

Timing Advance

Increased timing advance can reduce ESC running temperatures for some motors. The recommended setting is auto.

Default setting is: Auto


Throttle specific settings.

Ramp Up/Down Settings

Acceleration and braking rates for the ESC, which are applied on every change of throttle input to the ESC.

Default setting is: 50% for both

Deadzone Percentage

Sets the middle dead zone when using reversible mode. Taken as a percentage of the endpoint range.

Default setting is: 0%

ESC Limits

Settings related to the limits of the ESC and responses.

Bus Current Limit

The upper current limit the ESC can reach on the input from the power supply. Configurable from 150 to 200 Amps, depending on the ESC model.

Default setting is: Maximum for the ESC model

Temperature Limit

The temperature limit for the ESC as measured internally. Configurable to ranges from 70 to 120 degrees Celsius.

Default setting is: 120 degrees C

Over-temperature Response

The requested ESC response to an over-temperature event.

Default setting is: 50% Throttle

Additional Settings

Advanced settings for the ESC.

Input Signal Type

Set the current input signal type to be used by the ESC for throttle input. Affects telemetry output in certain scenarios.

Default setting is: Auto

DShot Baud Type

Select the DShot rate to use, when using DShot as signal type.

Default setting is: Auto

Telemetry Enabled

Toggle the output of telemetry on T pin. The telemetry output format will be dictated by the type setting.

Default setting is: Enabled

Telemetry Type

Change the type of telemetry that is output by the T pin on the ESC. The options are:

DShot/Betaflight Telemetry: Standard DShot telemetry format used by most flight controllers. Requires a DShot signal input to request the telemetry before it is transmitted.

PWM Telemetry: Forces the output of the DShot telemetry format at 1Hz. Each transmission is terminated with 2 stop bytes, and has the following format:

RPM Output: Outputs a pulse for each complete electrical revolution of the motor. Pulses per minute indicate electrical RPM, which can be converted to mechanical RPM by dividing with the motors pole pairs. This can be used with Governor systems.

Default setting is: DShot/Betaflight Telemetry

F5B Startup

Improve initial starting rates for F5B use cases. Warning, this mode should not be used with large propellors as it may result in large current loads immediately on startup.

Default setting is: Disabled

Brake on Stop

Toggles whether the ESC will forcefully brake the motor when a zero command is given (enabled), or allowing the motor to freewheel to a stop (disabled).

Default setting is: Enabled

Motor Beep Tones

Change the audible beeps from the motor, either completely off or specific selections.

Default setting is: All Beep Tones

Auto Detect Endpoints

Automatically set the endpoints that are used when the ESC is driven using a PWM input throttle signal. Disable and adjust manually if desired.

Default setting is: Enabled

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