Power Distribution

The APD Power Distribution Boards (PDBs) are designed for high voltage and high current applications. They consist of 8 layers of heavy copper to sustain maximum current demand whilst dissipating minimal heat.


The APD PDB comes in 2 variants: 8S 360A, 14S 500A

Electrical Capabilities

  • Up to 500 Amp continuous current*
    • PDB360[X] - 360A continuous
    • PDB500[X] - 500A continuous
  • Up to 1000 Amp burst current
    • PDB360[X] - 720A burst
    • PDB500[X] - 1000A burst
  • Up to 14S capable
  • Onboard 5V and 12V switching regulators
  • Overcurrent and short circuit protection on both 5V and 12V regulators
    • PDB360[X] - 12V@3A including 5V@1A [36W Total]
    • PDB500[X] - 12V@3A, 5V@3A independent [51W Total]
  • Twin battery input
  • Thermal relief on all solder tabs to allow for easier soldering
  • PCB rated for 180°C continuous
  • 8-Layer PCB for minimal track resistance
  • ISOLA 185HR dielectric glass fibre for maximum thermal performance

Physical Properties

  • Size:
    • PDB360[X] - 58x58x5mm
    • PDB500[X] - 58x58x5mm
  • Weight (no cables):
    • PDB360[X] - 0.021kg
    • PDB500[X] - 0.031kg
NDAA/DFARS-compliant options available upon request.