F Series ESC

Outline of the APD F_Series ESCs.

Operating on a genuine STM32F3 processor ensures no input commands are missed, even at the highest input update rates. Its bleeding-edge features include PWM-frequency dithering to ensure the smoothest control at high power, whilst maintaining maximum efficiency.


Version 1 vs Version 2 Variations

As part of our commitment to delivering top-notch products, we have diligently worked on improving the F_Series ESCs. We're excited to announce the release of our latest V2 hardware, which features some notable enhancements. These improvements include a built-in bootloader for configuration, passthrough firmware updating from a supported flight controller, Bi-Directional DShot (supported units), and UART pin overvoltage protection (supported units).

We have designed the V2 F_Series ESCs to be a drop-in replacement for the existing units, ensuring a seamless transition for our customers. There is no requirement to firmware update V2 units once delivered to introduce the following features.

An easy check for the firmware version currently running on the ESC is the LED behaviour. V2 firmware has a rapid blink (2Hz) with only USB/UART power. Any other behaviour is from older firmware revisions.

Version 2 Improvements

The following improvements have been made to the version 1 variations:

  • All units:

    • Configuration of drive parameters, signal types and fault handling.

    • On board bootloader.

    • Additional Telemetry types: PWM Telemetry and RPM Output.

    • High-speed telemetry rates (digital protocols).

    • Reversible drive mode operation support (full forwards to full reverse).

    • Dynamic signal quality checks across supported input protocols.

  • 80F3[X]v2 and 120F3[X]v2:

    • Bi-Directional DShot for RPM Filtering support.

    • Passthrough firmware updating and configuration.

    • Hardware protection for UART programming pins.

Unit Identification

The V2 variation units are designed to be a drop-in replacement over the V1 counterparts, for minimum system-level changes. The PCB model number is visible for unit identification, as can be seen in the example below.

Version 2 firmware is loaded on Version 2 units by default. Older firmware revisions are available upon request. F Series Production Firmware

Electrical Capabilities (all variations)

  • Up to 200 Amp continuous current*

    • 40F3 - 40A continuous

    • 80F3[X] - 80A continuous

    • 100F3[X] - 100A continuous

    • 120F3[X] - 120A continuous

    • 200F3[X] - 200A continuous

  • Up to 300 Amp burst current

    • 40F3 - 100A burst

    • 80F3[X] - 140A burst

    • 100F3[X] - 150A burst

    • 120F3[X] - 200A burst

    • 200F3[X] - 300A burst

  • [X] designates higher-performance ESCs for larger applications

  • Up to 14S capable

  • True 10-Bit throttle resolution

  • 8-Layer PCB for minimal track resistance

  • Intelligent current sensing

  • 750,000 eRPM

Communication Capabilities (all variations)

  • Auto frequency PWM (50-500Hz) and DShot input

  • DSHOT150 to DSHOT600 (0.15-0.6MBs/s)

  • Auto Timing Advance

  • BetaFlight telemetry output

  • Digital commands over DShot

  • Anti-Turtle mode

  • Plug and Play firmware

Physical Properties (all variations)

  • LED indication

  • Weight (no cables):

    • 40F3 - 0.003KG

    • 80F3[X] - 0.01KG

    • 100F3[X] - 0.013KG

    • 120F3[X] - 0.02KG

    • 200F3[X] - 0.036KG

Continuous current ratings are at a 100% throttle duty cycle. Continuous rating is defined as max sustained current at 100% throttle for 60 seconds with 33 m/s airflow.

NDAA/DFARS-compliant options available upon request.

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