Operating on the F3 processor ensures no input commands are missed, even at the highest input update rates. Its bleeding-edge features include PWM-frequency dithering, and Active Phase-current De-Magnetisation to ensure the smoothest control at high power, whilst maintaining maximum efficiency.
Compatible with the latest Protocols including ProShot up to 1MBs/S.


The APD F Series comes in 5 variants: 6S 40A, 8S 80A, 8S 100A, 12S 120A, 14S 200A

Electrical Capabilities

    Up to 200 Amp continuous current*
      40F3 - 40A continuous
      80F3[X] - 80A continuous
      100F3[X] - 100A continuous
      120F3[X] - 120A continuous
      200F3[X] - 200A continuous
    Up to 300 Amp burst current
      40F3 - 100A burst
      80F3[X] - 140A burst
      100F3[X] - 150A burst
      120F3[X] - 200A burst
      200F3[X] - 300A burst
    [X] designates higher performance ESC's for larger applications
    Up to 14S capable
    True 12-Bit throttle resolution
    8-Layer PCB for minimal track resistance
    Intelligent current sensing
    750,000 eRPM

Communication Capabilities

    Auto frequency PWM (50-500Hz) and DShot frequency input
    ProShot1000 (1MBs/s)
    DShot300 to DShot1200 (0.3-1.2MBs/s)
    Auto Timing Advance
    BetaFlight telemetry output
    Digital commands over ProShot and DShot
    Anti-Turtle mode
    Plug and Play firmware

Physical Properties

    LED indication
    Weight (no cables):
      40F3 - 0.003KG
      80F3[X] - 0.01KG
      100F3[X] - 0.013KG
      120F3[X] - 0.02KG
      200F3[X] - 0.036KG
Continuous current ratings are at a 100% throttle duty cycle. Continuous rating is defined as max sustained current at 100% throttle for 60 seconds with 33 m/s airflow.
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