Tips for solving common issues seen with the F-Series setup.
  • Turning on the ESC causes 6 beeps
There is an error with the signal connection. There is throttle being applied to the ESC above the arming point (above 1020uS) and check that the throttle channel is not reversed. The ESC is disabled for your protection.
  • ESC has a solid white light while being unresponsive
The ESC is waiting for a valid signal input. Check the end points are correct and that the channels are not reversed.
  • Not getting full input range to the motor
This can occur when using PWM input to the ESC, and the end points are misconfigured. Check that the upper end point is at least 1980uS and the lower end point is less than 1020uS.
  • ESC has a solid white light and not connecting to the configuration tool
This usually indicates the ESC is running non-configuration firmware. As the configurable firmware is in Beta, it is not yet installed on production units. The firmware can be installed manually, and then configured as required.
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