To configure settings on the HV Pro ESC, the APD Config tool can be downloaded and used with a Micro USB cable (not included)

Configuration Tool

To configure the HV Pro ESC, the configuration tool can be downloaded from GitHub. STM32 Drivers will also need to be installed to interface with the ESC over USB.

Configuration Tool: Download

STM32 Drivers: Download

Firmware Updates

To update the firmware on the HV Pro with APD supplied files, ST's DFUSE tool will also need to be installed along with the two pieces of software mentioned within the configuration tool section.

STM DFUSE: Download

Once the 3 programs are installed, the config tool is used to put the ESC into DFU mode, so new firmware can be installed. This is achieved by opening the configuration tool, connecting to the ESC, then navigating to Tools -> Enter DFU for Flash.

Menu selection for entering DFU mode within the configuration tool

The ESC will be disconnected from the configuration tool, indicating it has successfully booted into DFU mode. To flash the firmware, open DFUSE (Sometimes called DFuSeDemo), and there will be an STM device in DFU picked up. Under the upgrade section (Button 1), choose the file that was supplied by APD, and press upgrade (Button 2).

After the upgrade is completed, disconnect and reconnect the ESC USB to configure settings within the new firmware.