The newest release from APD! Running a 180 MHz 32-Bit processor these will deliver maximum smoothness, unmatched linearity, with ultra-fast throttle response optimised for flight control. With a peak power rating of 45kW, these ESCs will have no trouble powering your craft.
The APD developed (proprietary) firmware ensures unmatched low-throttle and starting characteristics. Ultra-smooth starting and ramp-up characteristics ensure your drive-train is safe. Features include PWM-frequency dithering to avoid PWM-commutation synchronisation, adaptive motor timing advance and proprietary developed Active Phase-Current De-magnetisation (APCD). APCD along with Synchronous rectification ensure maximum ESC efficiency is achieved.
    Designed and manufactured in Australia using only the highest quality components.
    Bolt/Screw terminals for power and motor outputs, maximising mechanical reliability.
    Harwin Datamate connector for Signal and UART Telemetry output (non-isolated)
    Optional mounting bracket for both ESC and external fan.


The APD UHV comes in 2 variants: 20S 400A and 28S 300A

Electrical Capabilities

    Up to 400 Amp continuous current*
    Up to 450 Amp burst current
    Up to 28S capable
    True 12-Bit throttle resolution
    Feed-Forward compensator
    1,000,000 eRPM

Communication Capabilities

    Standard PWM input up to 480Hz
    Auto PWM frequency
    Auto Timing Advance
    On-board 16 MB Flash memory
    Data-logging for Voltage, Current, Temp, Input Duty, Output Duty, eRPM, Phase Current
    Firmware upgradeable through the USB port

Physical Properties

    Dimensions: 180 mm(L) x 100 mm(W) x 27 mm(H)
    Isolated Input and Output (Can be configured for RPM)
    Onboard Harwin M80-5401442 connector for signal and UART interface
    Included Harwin M80-4601442 connector socket
    Weight: 0.74 KG

Operational Capabilities

    Multiple operation modes:
        Incremental + Linear power ramp control
        Used with:
          Fixed Wing Aircraft
        Instantaneous Input = Output Step Response
        Used with:
          Flying Cars
        Soft-start for drive-train protection
        Used with:
        Same as normal except for active torque control, which applies a motor phase current limit that ramps proportionally with higher motor duty-cycles
        Used with:
          Electric Bikes
        Normal mode with reverse capabilities
        Used with:
          Watercraft requiring reverse
*Continuous current ratings are at a 100% throttle duty cycle. Continuous rating is defined as max sustained current at 100% throttle for 180 seconds with 10 m/s airflow
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